Quantum Space 

Project was made for Kuflex, 2015
Link to the project

It’s an interactive video installation which captures human’s siluettes and use them for particles generation and controlling.

Installation regularly changes its behaviour due using configurable set of presets, which controls palette, gravity particles properties.

Installation is highly scalable and reconfigurable. It can work on any number of screens due possibility of using many computers for rendering, connected in 1 Gigabit local network.

First presentation:
Life Zone exhibition at M'ARS Gallery, Moscow.
26.02.2015 - 15.04.2015
Technical details:
3 computers, 6 projectors, 6 depth cameras Asus Xtion.
Tracker and render modules were made with openFrameworks.

Artist: Igor (Sodazot) Tatarnikov
Programming: Denis Perevalov
Producer: Ksenia Lyashenko
Music: Ilya Orange
Curators on Mars: Natalya Pankova, Maxim Svishev
Photo: Sergey Samoletov

Photo from vice.com

Photo from vice.com


1. Article at vice.com by Beckett Mufson,  “Walk Through a Digital House of Mirrors in This Interactive Installation“ 

2. Details on installation in my message at openFrameworks forum