Quantum Space

Quantum Space was the most popular installaton made in Kuflex.
First version appears at 2013, and in further was developed further a lot.

It was used as installation as well as visualization for performances, on long walls (up to 18 meters) as well walls with floors.

Optical Flow

While general idea of using optical flow was inherited from previous projecs, here were few significant improvements:
- using depth cameras for getting mask of human’s silluette
- siulette was computed as 3D projection, so it was independent of distance to camera, and give opportunity to create projection on a wall parallel to human
- joining data from many cameras
- output on many projections (by sending particles between computers via network)
- separate render and tracker apps, allowing to separate cameras tracking and particles rendering
- options for exact projection mapping and blending several screens
- cusom algorithm of computing optical flow 
- custom particles engine, allowing render up to 100 000 particles, with presets that controls particle behavior of evolution in its lifetime.