Multidimensional perception using quantum mind

I was fascinated by Quantum Mind theory, and had insight on this, about perception of complex structures using special lighting for passing information into the brain.

Here is is my abstracts from Quanum Mind 2003 Conference

Using the quantum mind theory for multidimensional visualization
Denis Perevalov
(Ural State University)

The classical psychological theory claims that human brain
cannot directly perceive geometrical objects of four and more
dimensions because our eyes deal with 3D structures only.

Using the quantum mind theory, it seems possible to create
techniques for loading high-multidimensional objects into the
brain. In work we study this possibility.

Within the quantum mind theory, one can imagine the process
of visual perception like the hyperparallel processing on huge
array of the visual images. The array is constructing during the
perception phase inside the brain. The hypothesis: under special
conditions, its possible to replace inner array to a set of images
which we want. And more, the brain can process it and extract
necessary infonnation.

What happens if we push there the set of images which consists
of the two-dimensional slices of given object, lying in ndimensional
euclidean space?

We believe that the brain will process it and extract geometrical
information like connectedness, convexity, curvature,
existence of holes in the object.
Its unknown, can the brain fuse slices into whole model of
object, or just check some slices for getting answer. But we can
prove, the set of slices is sufficient for both.
How one can push huge set of images into the brain? Obviously,
special techniques of visualization is needed.

We had developed computer system for slices visualization.

The system use speed, noncontinuous rendering and stroboscope
effect for showing all the object's slices in short time.
Unfortunately, no positive results about "hyperperception"
were obtained yet.
Despite negative results, the mentioned ideas seem well
If our ideas will be realized, the system of multidimensional
visualization will help to the topologists to see threedimensional
manifolds (which mainly did not realizable in 3D space) and to
solve famous Poincare's conjecture.
And of course this will give additional scores to the quantum
mind theory.

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Now I thinking that ideas proposed in the text are interesting and can be implemented without strong relation to the Quantum Mind theory.