Boson project          (work in progress)

One day I realized that I developed many of tasks related to capturing, processing and collecting data from various devices, but still haven’t uniform system for that. Also my students who are not strong programmers, always have difficulties when implementing their projects related to the technological art.

So, I decide to start Boson opensource project , which will be a modular system for data processing. It’s consists of GUI and set of mid-level modules for capture images from webcameras, depth cameras, getting data drom Arduino, process them and send by OSC, TCP or shared memory to other apps.

Comparing with other modular-based languages such as PureData and TouchDesigner, here we use larger building blocks, and not so “program” but more “configure” them for using the results in further “render”, “sound” and other data, media and physical layers.

The project is intended for artists, students and all other, who want to use data sources such as cameras and Arduinos in their projects without low-level programming.

Using for interactive installations 
Boson can be coupled with Unreal Engine, as well with openFrameworks and Processing and Pure data, for creative media installations generating 3D, 2D and sound, as well as VR by means of data from user or other sources.

I made this project together with Alexey Brylin (he implemented GUI - Boson Editor).

The first release was made 29th January 2019.

Project webpage is