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This year I just started to work with interactive media. The reason for this was in two insights. At the first, in “Grinvich” trade center I saw floor projecting system which projects fishes on the floor, which reacts on the persons walking on the floor. I was I was inspired such technology. It looks like the technology of the future for me. Next, one day I has dinner, alone in restaurant “Cognak”, which was situated on the Yekaterinburg’s weather hill. There were several TV. They was powered off. But suddenly, I imagine if they show something which reacts on the person’s movement. 

So, I desire to make such things. But, at the time, I have no experience in interactive art. I was a mathematician and programmer. So, I waste some time just for finding what’s it is and how it’s named (interactive installation). Also, I found “International Conference on Entertainment Computing” and can took part in it in Paris, 2009. Happily, I meet Prof. Yoichi Nagashima (Japan) there. Later we have discuss with him interactive art and technologies and meet twice in Russia (2010, 2016).

In 2009 I implemented just one demo-level project, “Interfication”, which I shown at that ICEC 2009 conference. But it was the project which inspire me continue work in interactive projects.